Today’s Solution For Tomorrow’s Challenges

In today’s world, the independent insurance agent is at a crossroads. Personal lines insurance is becoming a commodity and commissions are being reduced as bigger insurance players take over the industry.


How can the independent insurance agent survive? They must use marketing.

Unfortunately, the resources for insurance agents to learn how to adapt are scarce and many feel they have to swallow a large pill to see minimal results.


Chris Paradiso has built his agency using marketing both online and offline. He has recognized that to sell insurance in this industry, you must do more than sell, you must think like a business person.

Are you interested in having Chris educate  your company on the social media best practices?

Stop Working In Your Business. Work On Your Business.

All too often, the independent insurance industry looks at each other as competition. Chris does not. In order to make a difference in this industry, and help the independent insurance agency thrive, Chris believes in sharing his knowledge and success.


In the trenches himself for 15 years, Chris understands what it takes to run an insurance agency. Chris understands what it takes to build an agency founded on community engagement. Now, Chris wants to show the rest of the industry how to survive.


“Until you believe in what you are doing, you will never be successful in what you are trying to achieve.” – Chris Paradiso


You cannot be successful without the right attitude and commitment to success. Chris is devoted to showing agencies how to find and harness that attitude. If you believe in marketing, if you actually get out there and do it and become passionate about doing it, you will be successful.

 Chris is devoted to training and educating the industry on the keys to success that he has learned – he will not stand for a world where insurance agencies cannot adapt to digital marketing and survive.


Using the keys to success he has built his own agency with, Chris shares answers to the tough questions agents are asking. With a social media program for agents and proven track record in helping others in this industry, Chris’s end goal is to help as many businesses as possible by sharing the knowledge and expertise that has made his business a success.


“Social media is a balanced attack.” – Chris Paradiso


Chris has worked with groups of educator agency professionals plus has spoken to more than 100 agencies about growing their business.  Having spoken for the Connecticut PIA, Motorist and Rough Notes as well as being a recognized author for Rough Notes, National PIA and in addition to many others, Chris is a trusted, knowledgeable and successful leader in his field.


Chris is available to speak at your next insurance event and is open to authorship opportunities for any publications.