Community As A Priority

Owning a local business puts you at the heart and soul of the community. You are more than just the one who writes a policy, you are the superhero who protects every family you touch. You are also little league sponsors, charity walk participators, and family day event creators.

The local insurance agent is Main Street America.

In his 15 years owning Paradiso Insurance, Chris Paradiso has been an advocate, sponsor, and community man. Owning business in a community breeds a love for that community, so you give back to that community any way you can. Paradiso Insurance is known in its community for family events, shopping local and supporting veterans.

“I exist to help.” – Chris Paradiso

Holding charity close to his heart, Chris believes that when a cause is important, there is no length too great to go to. If he finds meaning in it, he will do whatever he can for it. Over the years he has supported his Connecticut community in many ways – from homelessness charities all the way to children’s health.

Of particular importance to Chris is being sure that the people of his community are taken care of. His involvement spans beyond local business and fundraising. Sitting on the advisory board of Connecticut Children’s Medical and working tirelessly to help Journey Found, Chris believes that if something brings passion in him, it deserves his heart and soul.

Chris’s Causes

Journey Found provides supports and services to adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities that focus on individual independence, personal growth and capacity building. 

Chris not only sits on an advisory board for Connecticut Children’s Medical Center but he also does charity work for CT Children’s Foundation. 

The Veterans Base Camp: Advocating for and partnering with veterans, first responder’s, service members, their families and those at risk in our community-to identify access, and secure resources necessary to achieve their goals.