Knowing that Social Media Marketing is the key to success for any company, Chris speaks directly to you as an insurance agency owner himself.  He gives expert advice on ways to utilize social media marketing in your insurance company. In today’s world there is a lot of competition and it is imperative that your company stands out from the rest.

Insurance Agency Owner

Insurance Agency Owner

Chris started Paradiso Insurance from scratch. He has turned it into a successful and thriving business.


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Chris strongly believes in sharing this passion for online marketing with other businesses and entrepreneurs.


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Family Man

Family Man

Chris works hard everyday to provide a future for his children and believes that ‘children are what life is all about’.


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Community Member

Community Member

Chris strives to keep local business going and making the community as a whole stronger.


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Are you going to work in your business, or are you going to work on your business?

An agency owner for over 15 years, Chris Paradiso has learned that there is one thing that breeds success: passion. Running an insurance agency can be challenging and it will continue to be that way as today’s world evolves and becomes more competitive.


Faced with the same challenges as independent insurance agents around the country, Chris sought to make a difference and challenge the status quo of agency ownership and management.

Using the power behind digital marketing, social media, and agency management focused on business first and sales second, Chris has been able to help his Connecticut community and his insurance agency.


Now, he challenges you: are you ready to do something different?

With passion, the right attitude, and belief in what you are doing, you will be successful.

Growing your business with a balanced attack.

Chris’s Talents

Digital Marketing

When the independent insurance agent embraces digital marketing, agency growth is possible. Chris has helped countless agents like you to be empowered by digital media.

Social Media

You are involved in a lot within the community. Social media marketing does not have to be another item on your to do list – it can enhance your agency! Chris shows agents how to find a balanced attack.

Public Speaking

Out in the trenches with the independent insurance agent, Chris can speak first hand to the challenges today’s world brings. Paradiso Presents, one of his many engagements, brings agents together for lessons in digital marketing, branding, and profitability.

Agency Coaching

The independent insurance agent plays an important role in communities. Chris works hard to be sure that this role does not diminish as the pressure of competition bears down on the local agent.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership skills allow agents to adapt to change and succeed in the face of challenge. Chris offers the coaching agents need to develop the skills to lead first and sell second.


Chris is an aspiring author who plans on writing a book about internet marketing and insurance agency growth.


Ron Berg | Executive Director | Agents Council for Technology

Chris Paradiso has an industry-leading ability to speak not only from the independent agent's point of view, but also clearly understands the challenges and opportunities within technology improvements.

Ron Assise | President | The Horton Group

Chris’ passion, enthusiasm and ability to engage others is down right contagious. We have often commented on how we wish our businesses were closer. So we could work together on more initiatives. For anyone looking to hire a speaker / consultant, Chris is your man, hands down.

Robert E. Mackoul, CLU | The Mackoul Group Of Companies

Chris can captivate social media novices and experts alike because his presentation is focused on real examples and personal experiences. In the insurance space there really is no one who can explain marketing and show the results like Chris.

Megan Rettig | Agency Relations Manager | The Motorists Insurance Group

Chris gave hands-on instructions as he introduced a variety of new concepts and applications. His real-world agent experience combined with his dynamic personality kept attendees intrigued and actively contributing the entire time. Motorists is proud to partner with Chris Paradiso.