Agency Owner

In 1998, Chris Paradiso founded Paradiso Insurance in Stafford, Connecticut. Back then, Chris knew that owning an independent insurance agency was going to be challenging – but the role the independent agent has in the community is what fed his passion to succeed.

The independent agent is the back-bone of America – without them, Chris fears, the very fiber of community and society begins to unravel.

The independent agent is very charitable. Owning a local business puts you right in the middle of everything in the community.

The independent insurance agent is a bit of a superhero. Protecting someone’s most valuable asset- their life – is protecting the whole world.

Fifteen years later, his 3-man shop has grown immensely. Why? Because Chris was never afraid to challenge not only himself – but also to challenge the status quo. With the right attitude, and a belief in what he was doing, Chris built an agency built on giving.

“You have to give to keep.” – Chris Paradiso

Chris was able to grow his agency through marketing and community – online and offline. It was the relationships he built, the passion he had for giving back to the community, and his dedication to adapting his agency to today’s complex online world that allowed him to keep his clients’ needs met, and embrace his community.

Making a Difference One Agent At A Time

Being an insurance agent is about much more than selling something. Being an insurance agent is about helping people. For Chris, the role the independent insurance agent plays must never fade away – and that has become his passion.

Working with agencies to present workshop material on things such as digital marketing, leadership, branding, and social media marketing, Chris impacts agents like you every day by, showing agencies how they can rise up in a new, challenging world, and continue to serve small town America is Chris’ passion.

This industry needs someone who will advocate for them as one of them. Chris is not afraid to be that person.

You cannot just be an agent today; you have to be a business owner. Chris does not want to see a world where insurance becomes a commodity and the independent agent goes away. Independent agents provide options and options are the American way.

Chris has spent time working in and on his business. He has built an agency where his agents are empowered with passion and an innate desire to help. Now, he spends his time helping the rest of the industry do the same.

Chris exists to help – and if you are an independent insurance agent, you are who he wants to help next.

Are you interested in having Chris educate your agency on the best use of social media for from and agency owners perspective?