Family First. Everything Else Comes Second.

If one were to ask Chris what the point of all this is – the insurance, the community, the marketing – he would tell you that it was his kids. Building a better place for our children is something that any parent can agree with, but Chris goes out and lives it for all of us.

Supporting his community is supporting his children.

Building up the local insurance industry is building a place with more options for his children. Helping local insurance agents succeed is helping them to protect the lives of his family, your family, and everyone’s family.

Helping the local insurance industry thrive shows his children that you have to give back. Chris is not just a father and a role model to Mia and Gianni, he is their hero. When he walks out the door in the morning it is not about selling as many policies as possible, it is about making the world his children live in a better place.

“My life is my kids. I live for my kids.” – Chris Paradiso

The best thing in the world for Chris is not money and riches – it is the smiles on his children’s faces. Family is the whole world for Chris. In the insurance industry, luck lets us join in with him.